New Video and New Demo!

Hello Reader(s)!

Just came by to spruce up the site a bit. Besides updating my "Resume" page with some new projects, I've got two new fun stuff!
New Demo!
To your right you'll find my new Narration Demo. It's me doing various versions of "Once Upon A Time," with various styles and accents. I thought this would be handy as I get a lot of good comments on how I have a good narration voice, so I thought I'd highlight.
New Video!
The Monsters/Creatures/Heroes SXF Library

And what a fun one! Though technically it's just a collection of samples from the Library, mostly a demo for anyone needing to purchase . I was one of the 12 voice actors  that worked on this project, helping produce some of the 3000 sounds! The project was produced by Daniel Gooding, of Affordable Audio 4 Everyone, a good guy and great sound designer.  And why do I say that?
Because not only is he not taking a single cent of profits from this (despite setting up and editing this entire project), he's donating 25% of each purchase to ASPCA.org to stop animal cruelty! So check it out if you like weird noises or helping out animals!


Hello, nice to meet you!

Hello and Welcome To Ramthundar's Narrations!If you've come here seeking Voice Acting, then congratulations! Your search has ended! I can provide for you any sort of acting you would need, whether it be narrations, commercial spots, or character voices!
Thank you for visiting, and I wish you many good fortunes for your day!

And coming soon:
-More Demos!
-An About the Actor Page!